The ability to defy one's plane of rotation. Sub-Power of Centrifugal Force Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Rotational Plane Ignoring/Rejection


The user can defy their plane of rotation, allowing them to perform normally impossible maneuvers in rotation. For example, instead of acting like it is flat, they can act like the plane of rotation is bent, angled, altered, etc. and thus, do things like do half a spin on a half-flat plane of rotation and then change orientation and finish the spin while the other half of the plane is at right angles to the other half, plus mote.




  • May not be able to ignore rotational planes completely.
  • May have a time period as to how long they can ignore rotational planes.
  • Can still be affected by physical forces.
  • Does not change speed and direction of rotation.

Known Users

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