"Rumors are mostly a projection of the people who started them."
― Ashley Benson

The power to manifest rumors into reality. Sub-power of Xenopsychic Reality WarpingBoundary Manipulation, and Rumor Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Gossip/Urban Legend Manifestation
  • Rumor/Reality


The user can cause rumors spread by people to become real, regardless or not if they were originally true, and cause the line between what is a rumor and what's real to blur. If large enough rumors become real, they can change entire events in history and affect everyone involved. User may restrict the manifestations to a certain population of people, narrowing it down and causing smaller, more specific rumors to enforce themselves into reality.

Applications (General)

Applications (Examples)



  • The chance of the rumor becoming real depends on how much it has been spread.
  • Nearly uncontrollable and desired effects may rarely happen, if at all.
  • Can be countered by Truth Inducement, depending on how it interacts with rumors.
  • May only work in a certain range.

Known Users


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