The power to embody/induce or be empowered by different cause of/to sacrifice. Variation of Sacrifice Embodiment and Aspect Manifestation.


The Sacrifice aspects are people who embodies essential archetypes that also represents what power or natural/supernatural skills and abilities they have. Each aspects would rather be a manifestation of their own characteristics or they were chosen randomly and/or specifically by higher entities to hold the name of the sacrifice.


Pars Pro Toto Principle is the concept of giving up a part in order to save the whole. The crucial fact of being the embodiment of the certain sacrifice is that they must be slaughtered immediately for the higher ones main objective becomes a success.


  • Athleticism Sacrifice - or simply called "The Athlete", most of them are physically fit, healthy and with superb human strength. They are all knowledgeable of every sports and is practically used to each types. Their sacrifice would benefit/allow others to become more stronger, gain strength from any kind of athletic sports and become the strongest among any others.
  • Craziness Sacrifice - they are called "The Fool", most of their descriptions are people who are high (in drugs, supplements and insanity driving medicines), it's either they make other people crazy or take it away from them and people who are literally "crazy" doing things not the usual doings of normal humans. Their sacrifice would benefit/allow others to uncontrollable when in a state of being crazy. They could achieve Destruction powers and Killing Intuition to a point that even their allies would become their targets or make them crazy too.


Known Users

  • The Five Young People (Cabin in the Woods)
    • Jules -The Whore/The Bride
    • Curt - The Athlete
    • Holden - The Scholar
    • Marty - The Fool
    • Dana - The Virgin
  • Jesus Christ - The Living Sacrifice (Judeo-Christianity)
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