The power to generate electromagnetic scalar waves from one's being. Sub-power of Scalar Wave Manipulation. Advancement of Electromagnetism Generation. Variation of Physical Force Generation and Radiation Generation.

Also Called

  • EM Scalar Wave/Field Generation
  • MCE (more complete electromagnetic) Generation


The user can generate more complete electromagnetic waves for any manner of purposes. Able to generate EM force, plasma/ionic energies, erect imperceptible barriers, emit invisible destructive force, etc.




  • Cannot control Scalar Waves of another source with this power alone.
  • Can't manipulate MCE waves, only generate and use it.

Known Users

  • Taraba (Battle Angel Alita)
  • Toji (Battle Angel Alita)

Known Objects

  • Abaddon (Battle Angel Alita)
  • Solid Wing (Battle Angel Alita)
  • Sword of Damocles (Battle Angel Alita)


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