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"This powerful aura of sexuality released by the Queen Mother...Was strong enough to cause even the castrated eunuchs to hunger with lust."
― The Narrator on Bi Ki (Kingdom)
"You ever meet any women who aren't beautiful?"
"It's a bad habit, I admit."
― Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock/Daredevil (Marvel Comics)
"I'm not going to hit on you. You'll hit on me. Nothing I can do about that. It's my curse."
― James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine to Maya Lopez/Echo (Marvel Comics)

The power to possess supernatural attractive power. Sub-power of Indomitable Sexuality. Ambient counterpart of Enhanced Sex Appeal. Passive variation of Subliminal Seduction.

Also Called

  • Irresistible Charm
  • Passive Charisma/Seduction
  • Seductive Aura/Allure/Presence
  • Sexual Attraction/Magnetism
  • Supernatural Attraction


User radiates an aura of attractiveness, naturally inducing titillating pleasure and carnal desire while subtly lifting inhibitions. The affected targets remain fully themselves, but can't help but long for the user's favor and affection, and can't bring themselves to cause them harm except as a last resort, like an irreplaceable treasure too precious to be lost. It should be noted the user does not need to do anything, their mere presence brings pleasure, attracts attention and admiration, and seduces others.

The users very presence instantly seduces all around them into becoming completely captivated with the user. The users influence affects those around them on an instinctual, unconscious level so that they are left unable to harm the user or resist the users commands. Others feel a pull towards the user, even if they cannot justify it, and feel immediately bonded. The user also ends up with unnaturally high charisma or charm that enables them to gain the trust and loyalty of others and win them over, regardless of popularity or skill.




  • Can be seen as a blessing/curse depending on how users look at it.
  • Constantly active, though regulated by the user's desires.
  • Some people may be immune, naturally or via countermeasures.
  • The sensations may grow addictive, causing out-of-character behaviors.
  • May only work on the undesired gender.
  • Users of Indomitable Will and/or Apathy can resist the user.
  • Seduction Immunity users are immune.

Known Users

See Also: Chick Magnet,Hello, Nurse!, Kavorka Man,Mr Fanservice and Ms Fanservice.


  • Kuroe Kurose (Blood Alone)
  • Ada (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations)
  • C.C. (Code Geass); formerly
  • Junta Momonari/Mega-Playboy (DNA2); via Mega-Playboy DCM Bullet
  • Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Fate/Zero)
  • Jun Watarase (Happiness!); temporarily
  • Gabriel (Highschool DxD); via Supernatural Beauty
  • Miyuki Shiba (The Irregular at Magic High School)
  • Kudou Minoru (The Irregular at Magic High School)
  • Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)
  • Boa Hancock (One Piece)
  • Sebas Tian (Overlord)
  • Asmodeus (Seven Mortal Sins)
  • Tomozou Sakurai (Sora no Otoshimono)
  • Go Ho-Sang (Sweet Guy)
  • Lala Satalin Deviluke (To Love Ru)
  • Momo Velia Deviluke (To Love Ru)
  • Sephie Michaela Deviluke (To Love Ru Darkness)
  • Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto/Boruto)
  • Mata Hari (TYPE-MOON)
  • Yurika Kamishiro (YuriCam: Yurika no Campus Life)


  • Ichabod Crane (The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad)
  • Katrina Van Tassel (The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad)
  • Sasha La Fleur (All Dogs Go To Heaven Series)
  • Archibald "Archie" Andrews (Archie Comics)
  • Ty Lee (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy (DC Comics)
  • Edd/Double D (Ed, Edd n Eddy)
  • Kevin (Ed, Edd n Eddy)
  • Beshte (The Lion Guard)
  • Jerome Beechman/Mandrill (Marvel Comics)
  • Longshot (Marvel Comics)
  • Georgette (Oliver & Company)
  • Tails (Sonic Boom)


  • Cris (The Golden Man)
  • Ichabod Crane (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)
  • Katrina Van Tassel (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)
  • Veela & half-Veela hybrids (Harry Potter)
    • Fleur Delacour
    • Gabrielle Delacour
    • Apolline Delacour

Live Television/Movies

  • Pheromone Generator (Alphas)
    • Jessica Elkhart
  • Austin Powers (Austin Powers)
  • Brandon Walsh (Beverly Hill 90210)
  • Jack Carter (Eureka); temporary
  • Jesse (Full House)
  • Ray Manchester/Captain Man (Henry Danger/Danger Force)
  • Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)
  • Amenadiel (Lucifer); with nuns
  • Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer)
  • Johnny Avonasac/Johnny Casanova (Superboy)

Video Games

  • The Chosen One (Fallout 2); via Sex Appeal Perk
  • Rita Rossweisse (Honkai Impact 3rd)
  • Evelynn (League of Legends)
  • Link (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Pheromosa/UB-02 Beauty (Pokémon)
  • Orlouge (Saga Frontier)
  • Sellana (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher)

Known Objects