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The ability to become invisible to anyone user chooses. Variation of Invisibility.


The user can become invisible to anyone they choose, meaning that some can see them and some can not. This may also apply to technological systems like motion sensors and thermal detectors and monitoring devices like cameras.




  • May have to know someone is there before they can become invisible from them.
  • May still be seen from certain angles or distances.
  • User is still audible.

Known Users

  • Makigami Komaki (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
  • Alexia (Ángel o Demonio)
  • Duna (Ángel o demonio)
  • Nathael (Ángel o demonio)
  • Valeria (Ángel o demonio)
  • Savitar (Arrowverse)
  • The First Evil (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Angel of Death (Charmed)
  • Nao Tomori (Charlotte)
  • Harvey (Harvey)
  • The Entity/"It" (It Follows)
  • Calvin Lucien/O5-1 (SCP Foundation)
  • Slender Man (Slender Man Mythos)
  • Pennywise/It (Stephen King's It)
  • Writer's Block (Fables)
  • Pied Piper (Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • Shinichi Tamaki (Yamada-kun & the Seven Witches)
  • Hachishaku-sama (Japanese Mythology/Folklore)