The power to exert physical forces on oneself using anything microscopic.

Also Called

  • Internal Atomic/Bacterial/Cellular/Molecular/Particle/Quantum Foam/Subatomic/Superstring Exertion
  • Self-Atomic/Bacterial/Cellular/Molecular/Particle/Quantum Foam/Subatomic/Superstring Exertion


The user can exert forces on themselves using anything microscopic that is inside or within themselves, from molecules, atoms, particles, cells, diseases, bacteria, superstrings, quantum foam, etc. The user can use any of these things to use to exert the rest of their body with, normally done through mental control of these microscopic things to exert on other atoms or the part of they body they make up.




  • May be limited to certain particles.
  • May be useless if the user is too heavy.

Known Users

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