""You made me wait quite a while. You seek power, correct? Then let us form a pact. Since your name has been disgraced already, why not hoist the flag and wreak havoc...? The "other you" who exists within desires it thus...I am thou, thou art I...There is no turning back...The skull of rebellion is your flag henceforth!"
― Captain Kidd (Persona 5)

The power to give oneself powers. Sub-power of Ability Creation. Technique of Personal Mastery. Variation of Power Bestowal.

Also Called

  • Power Manifestation
  • Self-Ability Bestowal
  • Self-Power Granting


The user can give themselves powers.




Known Users

See Also: New Powers As The Plot Demands.

  • Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats); via the Guard Skill System
  • Metallic Aliens (Argento Soma)
  • Yhwach (Bleach)
  • Chris (Bravest Warriors)
  • Touya Mouchizuki (In Another World With my Smartphone)
  • David Haller/Legion (Marvel Comics)
  • Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Izumi (Queen's Blade Rebellion)
  • Altair (Re:Creators); after becoming a Creator
  • Reinhard Van Astrea (Re:Zero)
  • Angeloids (Sora No Otoshimono); via Pandora System
  • Shadowhunters (The Shadowhunter Chronicles); via Symbol Magic
  • Chione (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Aeorists (You Cast a Spell on Me); via magic of those closest to them
  • Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth (Miraculous Ladybug); via Akuma
  • Adrian Everhart/Sentinel (Renegades); via Body Art Animation
  • Persona users (Persona series)


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