The ability to be immune to their own abilities. Variation of Power Immunity.

Also Called

  • Negative Side Effect Immunity
  • Rule of Ted (Heroes)
  • Self-Ability Immunity/Invulnerability
  • Self-Power Invulnerability


User is immune to all or certain aspects of their own powers, particularly negative ill effects that would normally harm them.



  • May still be affected by indirect effects, ie. if they cause building to collapse, they're as affected as any other person.
  • May still be affected by the same power used by another.
  • May be unable to control when their power works.
  • May only be partially immune to their ability.

Known Users

See Also: Required Secondary Powers


  • Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)
  • Portgas D. Ace (One Piece)
  • Sakazuki (One Piece)
  • Kuzan (One Piece)
  • Many characters (Dragon Ball franchise)
  • Many characters (Naruto franchise)
  • Several characters (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  • Tomokui Kanata/Rou (Re:Monster)
  • Various characters (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
  • Robin Sena (Witch Hunter Robin)


  • Many characters (DC Comics)
  • Many characters (Marvel Comics)
  • Supers (The Incredibles Comics)

Live Action

  • Godzilla (Godzilla franchise)
  • The Six Million Dollar Man (The Six Million Dollar Man)
  • The Bionic Woman (The Bionic Woman)
  • Many characters (Heroes)
  • Ingrid (Once Upon a Time)

Video Games

  • Many Pokémon (Pokémon franchise)
  • Mario (Mario franchise)
  • Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Cole MacGrath (inFAMOUS)


  • The Hat (Superman vs. the Elite)
  • Elsa (Frozen)
  • Rev Runner (Loonatics Unleashed)
  • Firebenders (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Team Go (Kim Possible)
  • Roger Smith (American Dad!)

Tabletop Games

  • Ordo Dracul (Vampire: The Requiem); via Coils of the Dragon


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