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"So this new suit takes advantage of your new intellect and dominion over your entire mind and body, eh? An upgrade to Extremis as well as to Stark?"
"Nah. This is what comes next."
― Reed Richards and Anthony Stark discussing the Bleeding Edge Armor (Marvel Comics)

The ability to be in complete control of oneself. Lesser version of Personal Mastery. Combination of Body Supremacy and Mindshifting.

Also Called

  • Complete Self-Awareness
  • Enhanced Self-Mastery
  • Omni-Self Control
  • Self Superiority


The user is in a state of complete control and awareness of themselves; their cells and biological processes, their breaths and thoughts, their movements and emotions, their conscious and un/subconscious, etc. The user’s body, mind, soul, emotions, psychology, genetic structure, etc, don’t do anything the user doesn’t want them to, can control everything they do, and is aware of everything about themselves, so there are no unknowns lurking deep in their body or mind.

This ability also grants the user immunity/resistance to powers and abilities that control their mind, soul, body, emotions, or genetic makeup.





  • The user may no longer possess reflexes or instincts.
    • If they do, they may need to be allowed to work, possibly making their reflexes and instincts slower.
    • Overriding reflexes and instincts may lead to more vulnerabilities.
  • Involuntary actions or processes (like metabolic rate or heart rate) may or may not be controllable by the user for essential reasons.
  • Constant awareness and control of one’s body, mind, soul, and emotions may overwhelm user.

Known Users

  • Contact (Academy of Superheroes)
  • Stanton Parish (Alphas)
  • Caroline Sharp/Formless Girl/Chrysalis (DC Comics)
  • Lucy Miller (Lucy)
  • Tony Stark/Iron Man (Marvel Comics); via Bleeding Edge Armor