The power to use sense-related magic. Form of Magic. Variation of Sense Manipulation and Body Magic.

Also Called

  • Faculty Magic/Witchcraft/Wizardry
  • Sensory Magic/Witchcraft/Wizardry


The user is able to perform a form of magic that allows them to manipulate the senses (sight, hearing, taste, etc.).




  • Anti-Magic/Body Magic/Magic Destruction/Magic Immunity/Magic Negation
  • May only be able to affect senses a certain way (creating, negating, restoring, etc.).
  • May have a price.
  • May need medium for manipulating senses.
  • May not work on targets that lack certain senses.
  • Strength of spells could be dependent on strength of magic.
  • May only work on certain senses.

Known Users

Known Objects


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