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|Box title = Super-Sensory Mode
|Box title = Super-Sensory Mode
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|image = File:Eagle_vision.jpg

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The power to go into a super-sensory mode that heightens the senses. Variation of Mode Switching.


The user can go into super-sensory mode that heightens all their senses, allowing them to detect the heartbeat of a target in the area, or even foresee a target's path. They're also able to see images or drawings that otherwise would not really be present before their eyes, such as waves, arrows, and footprints. Users can even identify clues as well as mark their own observations and trajectories based off information acquired.

They can also examine said clues to reconstruct past events and crimes. Users with this ability are able to hear conversations far away with perfect clarity, and are able to maintain great focus while doing so. Users could also see great distances away, see things in slow motion when they are moving at great speeds, and see invisible objects. Users possessing this power could magnify microscopic objects and hear even the slightest sounds from far away.



Known Users

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