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"Gaze upon me, desire me, but come to me, my petite ones, and I will give you all you desire."
― Belle Morte (Anita Blake Series)

The power to use the abilities of a sex vampire. Variation of Vampire Physiology.

Also Called

  • Tantra Vamps
  • Tantric Vampires Physiology


User with this ability either is or can transform into a sex vampire; a unique type of sex vampire that not only feeds on blood but also pure sexual energy as an alternative source of nourishment. As such they tend to possess different supernatural abilities and traits from their sexual nature because of their powerful connection as sexual beings then that of ordinary vampires.

As most vampires are said to be beyond natural beauty, tantric vampires are the most beautiful vampires of them all. They also posses superior healing and hypnotic powers compared to most vampires as much as they can control tantric energy in themselves and others.

Users of this power are or can also be resistant to most traditional vampire weaknesses such as sunlight and some rare cases even having a capable of reproduction, which is notable impossible as vampires are typically undead and are thus incapable of reproduction.





Known Users

See Also: Vampires Are Sex Gods and Vampire's Harem.

  • Belle Morte (Anita Blake Series)
    • Anita Blake
    • Jean-Claude
    • Richard Zeeman
  • White Court Vampires (Dresden Files Series)
  • Vampires (Lesbian Vampire Killers)
    • Carmilla
    • Eva
  • Cerene (Bloodlust Cerene)
  • Setogaya Mari (Itadaki-Seieki)