Ability to travel between realities by shrinking. Combination of Size Manipulation and Reality Crossroads.


The user can travel to any reality/place in existence, across time, space and realities by shrinking beneath the subquantum layer, moving between the varying levels of existence.





  • Traversing the subquantum scale can break ones mind.
  • Without navigational sense, users could be lost within eternity.
  • Shrinking/growing may dangerously disrupt universal laws within other continuums.
  • Users may accidently destroy themselves if they travel beyond what is possible

Known Users

  • Blue Jay (DC Comics)
  • Ray Palmer/The Atom (DC Comics)
  • Johnny Test (Johnny Test); via Turbo Action Backpack.
  • Ant-Men (Marvel Comics)
    • Hank Pymm
    • Scott Lang

Known Objects

  • Bio-Belt (DC Comics)
  • Quantum Tunnel (Marvel Cinematic Universe)


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