"As above, so below."
― Hermes Trismegistus

The power to have cause and effect happen simultaneously. Sub-power of Causality Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Absolute/Truly Instant
  • Instant Causality/Effect
  • Quantum Entanglement


The user can have cause and effect happen at the exact same instant, there is no “period” or “transition” between the cause and then the effect. The event would look bizarre to onlookers depending on the usage and scale of the event. For example:

Example 1: A photon that leaves a star, point A, and is on an unobstructed path through the vacuum of space to some other point B any number of light-years away. The cause would be, the photon leaves point A, and the effect would be, the photon travels to point B.

Using this power, the user could make the cause and effect happen simultaneously, meaning the photon would, for an instant, exist at point A and point B simultaneous, before simply existing at point B in the “next” instant.

Example 2: Person A and Person B: Person A lies to Person B, a lie which then proceeds to make Person B slap Person A. Cause: Person A telling a the lie, Effect: Person B slapping Person A. If this power is used in this context, Person A telling the lie, and Person B slapping Person A would happen simultaneously within the same instant.

This would cause a transfer of information and energy through and between Person A and Person B, as well as thought processes, to occur instantaneously as well.

Other examples include:

  • Having attacks be “launched”, hit and apply damage and/or effects in the same instant.
  • Remembering information in the same instant you perceive it.
  • Going from a standstill to traveling at a velocity with momentum within the same instant.




  • Causality Immunity protects users against this power.
  • May cause paradoxes if not used carefully.
  • May cause a chain reaction of simultaneous causes and effects if not used carefully or with precision.
  • May be limited to certain fields of causality, such as those only related to the user, or the part of reality they reside in.

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