The power to nullify the skills of others. Sub-power of Skill Manipulation. Variation of Negation.

Also Called

  • Anti-Skill
  • Skill Blocking/Cancellation/Dampening/Neutralization/Nullification/Suppression


The user can cancel out the powers of others, making them unable to utilize their powers as long as they are under the user's effect.


  • Can nullify skills
  • Can prevent skills from being used
  • Can disable one's combat skills to make them ineffective
  • Can make people unable to read or write.



  • May have limited range, including touch only.
  • Some skills may not be negated.
  • Unlike Skill Erasure, effects are mostly temporary, only effective as long as the targets are within range.
  • May be a one-shot effect, skills being negated only at the instant of the attack, and will reactivate right after.
  • Could be dangerous in situations where skills are required to resolve.
  • May be limited to "dampening" or weakening skills.
  • Cannot affect users of Negation Immunity.
  • Negating acquired skills via Skill Replication may prove harder, depending on the amount copied/absorbed.

Known Users

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