The ability to exert soft forces to perform effective actions and movements. Variation of Superior Activity.

Also Called

  • Light Actions/Activity/Movements
  • Soft Actions/Movements


User can make movements, actions and attacks that ignore the forces of gravity and travel farther and do things easier than how they'd do it with gravity and friction affecting them, such as using weak pushes to wall jump instead of the normal required forces or going far with a jump or slide despite friction and gravity being present. The forces the user exerts are lighter and softer, allowing otherwise ineffective actions and movements to be more effective.




  • May still have weak momentum and force.
  • Cannot defy inertia. Only friction and gravity.
  • May need room to perform.

Known Users

  • Sanderson Mansnoozie/Sandman (Rise of the Guardians)
  • Hattanzo/Drifter (ThunderCats 2011)
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