The ability to manipulate anything that can be related to the user. Sub-power of Meta Probability Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Personal Experience Based Control/Manipulation
  • Self-Manipulation
  • Solipsist Reality
  • Ultimate Solipsism


Users are able to alter anything that can be related and connected to them (from memory or their knowledge) limited by their knowledge/experiences of their very self existence.

Nature Of The Power

Because of this, anything that can be related to the user (not necessarily involving the user via Personal Probability Manipulation) can be manipulated in any possible way, thus users can use any supernatural ability they knew on the thing that can be related/connected to them.

Therefore any Omniscient with this ability is naturally Omnipotent, because EVERYTHING can be related to them through absolute knowledge of everything.

Just like any probability altering ability, this may be limited to the context of the story, the array and variety of choices. As limited as it may be the manipulations are still immense and is nothing to be mocked at, especially if the user is a very knowledgeable person as they are more capable to make absurd relations that can make their targets be related to them (e.g. Apple->Red->Rainbow->Blue->Ocean->Whale->past experience playing with whales, thus they can e.g. explode the apple with the flick of their fingers).

Example Usage

Plot Example: Users can be a flower shop owner because the concept "flowers" can be found in the memory of the user as the user once had a memory of smelling a Lilly, which is a type of flower.

Redefining Example: Users can redefine the word "sentence" to mean "a large oval object that can be cooked (eggs)" because in the user's past, they had been to an English lesson where the concept "sentence" is first taught.

Psychic Example: Users can read the minds of anyone they once knew because they knew them in the past.

Combat-Oriented Examples: User can put out the fire sent by a fire manipulater, because for reasons like: their friend is a fire user and/or they had faced against a fire user before in the past.

Sympathetic Example: Users have a photograph of someone then they can manipulate their life and themselves in any way they like, without you actually be presently nearby, as long you still have that photo in possession in some form.





  • Anything that cannot be related to the user in any way cannot be manipulated. Thus for anything that first experienced by the user and the user does not know how to comprehend it, then the user has no control over it
  • User's capability is dependent on his/her history/course of life (may involve cross reality and time travel), memory and personality traits, thus is susceptible to changes made by time travelers, Time Manipulation users, Personality manipulators and Memory manipulators
  • As mentioned, the arsenal of superpowers that the user can use is limited by the user's knowledge (cannot use powers they don't know)
  • Like all abilities involving Probability, the choices and types of manipulations may be limited to the context of the story.

Known Users

  • Keepsie (Playing for Keeps)

Known Items

  • Crystal of Ultimate Vision (Marvel Comics)


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