The power to gain powers that are unique to users and bound to their souls. Variation of Sentient Power.

Also Called

  • Personal-Bound Power
  • Soul-Anchored Power
  • Spirit/Soul Power


User is able to create/manifest/summon unique powers as physical extension that's apart of their soul. The extension that are apart of their soul may be manifested as a weapon, an armor, unique energy, an entity, etc. Each is likely to have their own abilities and powers they grant to the user, but these depend on which part of the user's soul they represent as well as the abilities/powers they already have.

Note that since the extension/manifestation are apart of the user soul they are also apart of their spiritual essence, they are likely to have some level of sentience as well as their own interests and goals that might not be similar to that of the user.





  • Under normal circumstances, only the creator can use the power(s).
  • Damage to the power(s) may affect the user's soul.
  • May require special training to summon or improve the power(s).
  • The power(s) itself may have a identity that the user must communicate with.
  • Only the creator is allowed to let others wield the power(s).

Known Users

  • Variation Users
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