The power to physically transform into solid sound. Variation of Air Mimicry, and a technique of Sound Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Audio Mimicry
  • Noise Form/Noise Mimicry
  • Sonic Form/Sound Form
  • Sonic Mimicry


The user of this ability can generate and manipulate sound from his form, as well as attune his form to ambient sound to manipulate it. In addition, the user can channel, absorb and re-release ambient sound. Furthermore, he faster the user moves, the louder a sound is released.

In effect, the user can act as a living sonic boom; by simply moving at a fast-enough speed (via running or flight), he could disorient opponents, shatter windows and more. And powerful users may even move as fast as the speed of sound.



  • Infrasonic Sound Mimicry (Infrasonic Mimicry, Infrasonic Form): User may transform into sound a frequency lower than normal humans can hear.
  • Ultrasonic Sound Mimicry (Ultrasonic Mimicry, Ultrasonic Form): User may transform into sound a frequency higher than normal humans can hear.



  • Soundproof surfaces are immune to the effects of this ability
    • A room or other container paneled in soundproof surfaces can be used to imprison a user of this ability (until/unless they can revert to human form)
  • Certain abilities (like Sound Manipulation) and equipment/technology may be used to tune into the user's frequency, disrupt the user's abilities and harm the user
  • Sound Absorption can be used to physically absorb a user of this ability
  • If the user has no control over this ability, the following can happen:
    • May shift into (or out of) this form against one's will
    • Body may exude a constant hum (or a constant chaotic mix of sounds)
    • One may produce a sound lower or higher than desired
    • Form may be permanent
    • Body may constantly move at the speed of sound
    • (In worst cases) Body may disperse into ambient air
  • Though the user does not need to eat, drink or sleep in this form, sound requires a transmission medium of solid, liquid, gas or plasma to exist.

Known Users


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