The ability to sense the location of any chosen noise generated in an environment or setting.

Also Called

  • Noise Homing
  • Sonic Tracking
  • Sound Homing


The user can sense and home in on the location of any chosen noise generated in an environment, including noises, voices, or spoken words. They can detect the location of an object or creature simply by sensing a sound or sonic pattern. The span of this ability varies depending on the skill of the user and can be as small as that of a town area to planetwide and beyond.




  • May need to be familiar with the noise or sound that they are tracking.
  • The medium by which the user utilizes the ability may limit the user's range of perception or types of sounds that can be sense.
  • Dependent on the user's own ability to receive and process sound.

Known Users

  • Siracca (DC Comics)
  • Auran (Marvel)
  • Echo (Class of the Titans)
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