"The target can struggle helplessly, but against this technique no defense is possible."
― Databook description on the space-time technique, Kamui.

The ability to distort the fabrics of space-time to inflict damage to the targets. Sub-power of Space-Time Manipulation. Combination of Space and Time Attacks. Variation of Absolute Attack and Attack Powers.

Also Called

  • Spatial/Temporal Attacks
  • Void Attacks


The user can utilize space-time distortions in order to inflict damage to the target occupying within the said space. Because it affects the very fabrics of reality in which the target exists in, it bypasses any and all physical defenses, and as such, cannot be blocked by conventional means. Also, since most attacks appear at the target location instantaneously, dodging is intensely difficult.

Since the attack distorts the very fabrics of reality, the target usually finds the attack will consign them to the oblivion across time and space, effectively erasing them from reality.


  • Absolute Attack: Since the attack is aimed at the fabrics of reality, it is impossible to block by conventional means.
  • Banishment: Tearing open the fabrics of space-time to the void outside of space-time.
  • Destruction: Banishing the target from space-time, effectively annihilating them from reality.
  • Dimensional Storage: Storing the banished targets in the void should the attacks not kill them, bringing them out later.
  • Omnipresential Attack: Creating a remote attack from anywhere in the fabrics of space-time.
  • Portal Creation: Tearing open the fabrics of space-time to link them to another location.
  • Spatial Attacks
  • Time Attacks


  • Gravitational Singularity: Distorting space-time to create a singularity that will absorb and crush absolutely anything into nothingness.
  • Space-Time Distortion: Distort the fabrics of space-time to cause severe crushing damage to the targets.
  • Space-Time Infusion: Empower and energize anything touched or used (usually a weapon) with space-time.
  • Space-Time Piercing: Creating projectile-effects of space-time, causing the shot portions to be banished.
  • Space-Time Rift: Opening a rift in the fabrics of space-time to banish the targets into nothingness.
  • Space-Time Shock: By causing ripples in space-time to create powerful shock waves.
  • Space-Time Slicing: Creating a tear in the fabrics of space-time to create a blade that erases the sliver of opponent.
  • Teleportation Strike (Remote Attacks): Teleporting an attack through space-time to strike at a distance.




  • May be blocked by space-time based defenses.

Known Users


Video Games


  • Jade Harley and Dave Strider (Homestuck); via Fraymotifs


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