The ability to distort the space-time continuum. A combination of Space-Time Manipulation and Distortion Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Continuum Distortion
  • Space-Time Bending
  • Space-Time Warping


The user can create distortions within the space-time continuum, the very fabrics of which the world exists in, allowing them to achieve a plethora of effects throughout time and space.


  • Absolute Attack: Twist the space-time around the target to inflict unstoppable damage.
    • Space-Time Slicing: Distort space-time to cause a split, cutting the victim spatially and temporally.
  • Gravity Manipulation: Distorting the space-time continuum will affect the gravity within it proportionally.
  • Space-Time Rift: Create a distortion with sufficient power to cause a crack of deadly time energy.
  • Subspace Travel: Distort the continuum to warp everything throughout the time and space.
    • Remote Teleportation: Create a distortion at a distant point, warping the target elsewhere.
    • Spatial Displacement: Create a distortion around an entire area, warping everything elsewhere.
    • Spatial Mimicry: Using the distortions to parts of oneself to another dimension for intangibility.
    • Time Travel: Extend the distortion to another timeline, allowing temporal travel.
  • Wormhole Creation: Create wormholes for transport between two points in the space-time continuum.


  • Dimensional Distortion: Distorting the barriers that separate the dimensions.
  • Teleportation: Most variations of teleportation involve the distortion of the space-time continuum to warp the targets.


  • Distortions within space-time can be very dangerous.
  • Users of Chronolock are unaffected.

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