The power to slice through the space-time continuum. Sub-power of Absolute Slicing. Technique of Space-Time Manipulation. Variation of Absolute Attack and Omnipresential Attack. Combination of Spatial and Temporal Slicing.

Also Called

  • Continuum Slicing
  • Fourth-Dimensional Cutter
  • Reality Cutting
  • Spatial-Temporal Slicing
  • Time-Space Slicing


The user can slice through, tear apart or rip out slivers and/or chunks of the space-time continuum, which is the very fabric of the realm in which the world exist in. Anything caught within the tear would suffer bifurcation. Due to the nature of the attack, it cannot be deflected nor blocked by conventional means.

As the technique is a combination of Spatial and Temporal Slicing, it can slash through even those who possess Omnipresence. Since cutting the third dimension space only affects the targets within the present timeline, it would be meaningless if the target can exist in another timeline simultaneously; by slicing the space of all time, the technique will actually reach the target in all timeline of spatial existence. This injures, if not destroys, all the "time and space" the target possesses (past, present and future).

Tears within the space-time continuum can become rifts, which can be potentially deadly to leave behind, as they tend to erase anything that comes into contact with it from all time, but can be useful for space-time portals, or be used as massive weapons and shields.

Universal Differences

Though seemingly similar to Dimensional Slicing, in both are capable of slicing through virtually anything, the two have their key differences.

At rudimentary levels, Dimensional Slicing requires the user to phase between the third and higher dimensions while passing through the target to destroy the intersecting matter; since this requires inter-dimensional shifting to accomplish, it can be blocked by inter-dimensional defenses. Space-time Slicing tears apart (or even rips out slivers) the fabric of space and time, without shifting to another dimension (which takes far less time, if not instantaneously), and this allows the user to strike at omnipresent levels. While slicing through dimensions can reach alternate timelines as well, it does not strike at all times simultaneously, though space-time is limited to targets within the first four dimensions, and cannot go higher than that.

Dimensional rifts are usually portals that lead to alternate dimensions; space-time tears leave behind deadly voids that erases anything caught within, and are almost always created whenever space-time is severed.





  • Cannot affect users of Spatial-Temporal Lock or Omnilock, or anything above the fourth dimension, as they exist outside of the space-time that is being cut.
  • Does not cut through metaphysical concepts such as illusions and divine beings.

Known Users

Known Objects

  • Space Gem and Time Gem (Marvel Comics); when used together

Known Weapons


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