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The power to create armor out of spatial energy/space. Sub-power of Spatial Constructs. Variation of Exoskeleton and Spatial Force-Field Generation.

Also Called

  • Spatial Exoskeleton
  • Spatiokinetic Armor


The user can warp or generate space in order to create an armor of space around themselves. By encasing themselves in the fabric of space, the user essentially removes themselves from regular space and exist inside of the armor while they continue to wear it. Once the armor is removed or destroyed, the user is pulled back into regular space again.

Because the user, for all intents and purposes, no longer exists in space, they cannot be harmed by most means. Also, due to the nature of the armor, attacks will harmlessly pass through the armor and the user. However, a user of Spatial Manipulation will be able to attack and damage the wearer of the armor. 

Depending on the power of the user, the armor might also be capable of teleporting and redirecting attacks by creating (either invisible or visible) portals on the armor's surface at the point of attack. Doing this, the user can indirectly damage their foes whilst remaining virtually invincible.


  • Absolute Defense - The user's defenses cannot be breached by most attacks
    • Spatial Mimicry - The armor itself is composed of space and attacks harmlessly pass through it.
    • Spatiolock - The user is drawn outside of the space they used to exist in and exist inside of the space of the armor.
  • Portal Creation-  Creating portals on the surface of the armor that link it to a point in space outside and beyond the armor.
    • Attack Reversal - Any attacks sent through these portals can be redirected at the sender.
  • Spatial Force-Field Generation - Essentially a version of this surrounding the user.



Known Users

  • Makora (Samurai Deeper Kyo)
  • Vista (Worm)
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