The ability to take an entire section of space and relocate it. Sub-power of Spatial Manipulation. Variation of Remote Teleportation and Spatial Tuning.

Also Called

  • Area Teleportation/Summoning
  • Space Moving/Shifting


The user can take a section of space from one location and shift it to another, anything occupying the taken space, whether it is objects, people or attacks would be transferred as well; in essence, this is the ability to teleport area itself. The user can control the size of the taken area, allowing teleportation of large amount of targets at once, or reduce to partial teleportation, without the need to make physical contact with whatever they desire to teleport.

If the user has enough skills and powers, they can relocate the sections of space to alternate timelines or realities.


  • Partial Teleportation: teleport a reduced target area, taking only part of the target object.
  • Remote Teleportation: teleport anything occupying the space by relocating it.
  • Spatial Duplication: recording the cutout section of space and recreate it at later times.
  • Spatial Slicing: remove a section of space with part of the target occupying it, or insert a section of space to separate the target.
  • Spatial Tuning: control the aspects of the relocated space section, such as time and matter placement.




  • May only be able to take a limited amount of space at a time.
  • Spatial Immunity

Known Users

Known Objects


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