The ability to fly by manipulating one's location in space. Sub-power of Spatial Manipulation. Variation of Flight.

Also Called

  • Space Flight


User can control their location in space, and can use this to levitate or fly by preventing their location from altering as it would do if one succumbed to gravity and fell. They can also control the direction and speed of their flight by changing the location.





  • Cannot change the location at such a speed that it would resemble teleporting.
  • Cannot affect the locations of others.
  • Weak against Flight Negation.

Known Objects

  • Old Bessie (Futurama)
  • Arthur Pendragon (Highschool DxD); only when in the Dimensional Gap
  • Valkyries (The Circumstances Leading to Waltraute's Marriage)
  • Shift Ships (DC/Wildstorm Comics)
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