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The power to create force-fields, walls or barriers out of space. Sub-power to Spatial Constructs. Variation of Shield Construction.

Also Called

  • Space Barrier
  • Space-Time Force-Field/Barrier
  • Spatial Shield
  • Spatial Shield Construction
  • Splitting Void


The user can warp or generate space in order to create a barrier. Since the force-field is created from the intangible space-time continuum, it cannot be penetrated by physical force.

Unlike a barrier created out of energy or matter, spatial barriers separate the very fabrics of space-time continuum. Therefore, if formed to surround an area, the insides would be completely separate from the outside timezone and dimension. This allows the inside to be unaffected by the flow of time and have outside attacks to spatially phase through what is being protected.




Known Users

Known Items

  • Space Stone (Marvel Cinematic Universe)