The power to undergo mutation through spatial means to have an altered physiology. Combination of Mutant Physiology and Spatial Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Space Mutated Physiology


The user can undergo mutation to receive heightened abilities and mutated physiology through a spatial source that may cause the user to change drastically either physically, mentally or spiritually. The user may have received various powers over time depending on what kind of power changed them and the nature of spatial manipulation.





  • Users are unable to return to being normal beings with certain features that stand out and may cause others to fear them.
  • Mutation may be undone by Space-Time Restoration.
  • Some mutations may have drawbacks or weaknesses.
  • Mutations may strain the user.
    • Much like physical ones, spatial mutations may bring harm as well as good.
  • Some devices may negate the power of a user of spatial energies.

Known Users


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