The ability to negate super speed. Variation of Power Negation and Velocity Manipulation. Opposite to Rest Cancellation.

Also Called

  • Celerity Cancellation
  • Hyper Speed Cancellation
  • Speed Negation
  • Speed Reduction
  • Super Speed Cancellation


User can Negate and prevent users of Enhanced Speed or any other type of speed and its variations from moving, leaving them trapped where they are.



Known Users

  • P. Baxter (Charmed); via Molecular Deceleration
  • Piper Halliwell (Charmed); via Molecular Immobilization
  • Kat Mitchell (Charmed); via Molecular Deceleration
  • Negative Flash (DC Comics)
  • Sawyer (Fairy Tail)
  • Molecularkinesis users (Lab Rats)
    • Chase Davenport
  • Carlitos (Los Protegidos)

Known Objects

  • Slow-Down Boots (Sonic Labyrinth)


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