The power to obtain spiritual powers through objects. Variation of Powers Via Object.

Also Called

  • Soul/Spirit Object


The user has access to an object that grants them spiritual powers. They can come in a variety of forms (accessories, armor, weapons, toys, etc.), and grant the user various abilities based on their design and/or origins. They can impart spiritual powers to those who lack them entirely or augment the already existing soul-based capabilities.

Their use can come in different ways. The object could be possessed by a spirit that inhabits the user’s body when it is wielded in some way. This can enable Spiritual Symbiosis; however, if the user is weak-willed, poorly trained or the entity has dark intentions, it could result in Possession. Another method is where the object is a reservoir of spiritual energy, and the force enters the user’s body, empowering them with spiritual capabilities. The energy may be overwhelming to the user if unprepared or underprepared. The object could even act as a conduit for a remote source of soul-based energy. Whatever the origins, the object enables supernatural enhancement.




Known Objects


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