The power to generate spore. Sub-power of Spore Manipulation. Variation of Organic Generation.


The user can generate spores whether by drawing them from already existing spore sources, or by manifesting them anywhere they want.



  • Cannot manipulate the generated spores.
  • May be incapable of choosing what type of spore they generate.

Known Users

  • Swampfire (Ben 10 Series)
  • Kinoko Komori/Shemage (Boku no Hero Academia)
  • Undergrowth (Danny Phantom)
  • Matango (DC Comics)
  • Dark Fungus (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?)
  • Zetsu (Naruto)
    • Black Zetsu
    • White Zetsu
  • Jack (Märchen Awakens Romance)
  • Jake (Märchen Awakens Romance)
  • David Haller/Legion/Mycolojester (Marvel Comics); Legion personality
  • Musshuru (One Piece)
  • Pokemon that can use "Spore", "Cotton Spore", or "Stun Spore" (Pokemon)
  • Pokemon that can use "Effect Spore" (Pokemon)
  • Las Plagas (Resident Evil 4)
  • E-001, a.k.a. Eveline (Resident Evil 7: biohazard)
  • Boom Bloom (Skylanders)


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