The ability to teleport anything and place it into another state as they reappear. Sub-power of Status Manipulation. Variation of Teleportation.

Also Called

  • Action/Status Teleportation


User can teleport anything and anyone and cause them to do or become something as they reappear, such as being tied up or doing an action or being healed or being transformed, etc.




  • Teleportation Immunity
  • User may not possess Conscious Spatial Awareness or Cosmic Awareness, which could make teleporting living organisms dangerous.
  • User may not possess Spatial Expansion, which would limit their teleportation options.
  • User may have to focus more to prevent from affecting an incorrect target.
  • Range of ability and allowable weight of matter/energy may have a limit.
  • User may lose control of their power if under a lot of mental stress.
  • May not be able to teleport others who can also teleport.
  • May require target to be in line of sight to work.
  • May be limited to certain states or actions.

Known Users

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