The power to clear/eliminate any/all statuses. Sub-power of Status Manipulation. Opposite to Status Lock. Not to be confused with Negation.

Also Called

  • Back to Square One
  • Status Clearing/Stripping


User can clear/eliminate any and all state of being/statuses, whether weak or strong, sick or healthy, injured or undamaged, mortal or immortal, etc. bringing the target back to square one and causing them to return to the state they originally started off as.

Unlike Negation which is focused more on shutting off/suppressing powers, user of this simply clears them away entirely and leaves the target in their natural/original state of being.




  • Will not work on status that are naturally part of the target.
  • May not work on users of Status Lock.
  • Useless against users with Immutability.

Known Users

  • Four Gods (Accel World)
  • Zeromus (Final Fantasy IV); via Black Hole
  • Mog (Final Fantasy VI); via Wild Bear
  • Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star); via Soryu Tenra
  • Yamabuki (Good Luck Girl!)
  • Althena (Lunar: Silver Star Story)
  • Water of Life (The Neverending Story)
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