"A long time ago, the Ancients made a discovery. They found evidence of a structure buried deep within the background radiation. They believed that, at one time, this structure had genuine complexity, coherence, therefore could not have occurred naturally."
"How is that even possible?"
"It's not. At least, not according to our current understanding of physics, nor could we even see this structure with our technology."
― Nicholas Rush and Everett Young (Stargate Universe)

The power to manipulate structures. Not to be confused with Architecture Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Structure Control


The user can analyze, shape and manipulate the structure of anything, from materials, organization, concepts, laws, energy, systems, society, space and even time. This allows one to rearrange structures of anything, changing how they work or how they are formed.





  • May be limited to only certain structures.
  • May need physical contact to carry out.
  • Cannot create structures, only manipulate.

Known Users

  • The Precursors (Stargate Universe)
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