The ability to project seductive thoughts into subconscious and/or otherwise seduce subjects. Sub-power of Love Manipulation, Sexual Inducement and Subliminal Messaging.

Also Called

  • Psychic Pleasure Stimulation
  • Psychic Seduction
  • Seduction
  • Sex Appeal
  • Subliminal Sexuality


User can project seductive thoughts to the minds of others, speak with subliminal seductive power behind each word, and/or stimulate the brain's pleasure centers by touch, voice or thought. This can be used to attract and seduce any subject one desires, because the subject receiving the thoughts would believe they were the ones thinking them.


  • Seduce anyone of your sexual orientation, or who you find attractive.
  • May be accompanied by the ability to psychically perceive sexual orientation, sexual attraction, sexual thoughts and sexual pleasure.


  • Seductive Magnetism
  • Tactile Sexual Arousal: arouse others into a sexual frenzy via skin contact.



Known Users

  • Michel (Bleach)
  • Love, lust and sexuality gods (Mythology)
    • Aphrodite (Greek Mythology)
    • Eros (Greek Mythology)
  • Fae-born (Folklore)
  • Pretty Persuasions (Marvel)
  • Eros/Starfox (Marvel)
  • Ashleigh Goodling (Jenny Pox/The Paranormals)
  • Venus (The Tick)
  • Succubus (Charmed)
  • The Siren (Charmed)
  • Morrigan and Lilith Aensland (DarkStalkers)
  • Mio Kusakai (Keijo!!!!!!!!); via Breast Hypnotism Technique

Paris (Lords of the Underworld)

  • Alisha Daniels (Misfits); upon physical contact
  • Elliot (Misfits); upon physical contact
  • Sarah (Misfits); via her Hypnotic Breasts
  • C.C (Code Geass)
  • Werewolves (Shadow Falls)
  • Venus (Mermaids)
  • Chameleons (Shadow Falls); as faes or werewolves
  • Faes (Shadow Falls); via Emotion Manipulation
  • Sedusa (The Powerpuff Girls)
  • Tomie (Tomie)


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