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The ability to travel through subspace. Sub-power of Subspace Manipulation. Combination of Space-Time Manipulation and Teleportation. Not to be confused with Hyperspace Travel.

Also Called

  • Eleventh Dimension Travel/Teleportation
  • Fourth Dimension Travel/Teleportation
  • Spatial Teleportation
  • Subspace Teleportation
  • Space-Time Movement/Migration/Teleportation


The user can teleport into and out of subspace (also known as hyperspace), an "alternate" space adjacent to the "normal" three-dimensional space and an integral part of the space-time continuum that coexists with normal space but is also distinct. This allows the user (and anything that they teleport) to travel much faster than the speed of light in normal space, as they move from one location to another instantaneously, while ignoring all physical obstacles in between.

The principle of this ability is a utilization of Dimension Shifting: jumping from the 3rd dimension into subspace (commonly depicted as the 4th or 11th dimension, though other dimensions may be used), which provides a "shortcut" by drastically decreasing distance, and then jumping back out to a different spatial location. This differs from regular teleportation, which is simply moving from one spatial location to another without shifting into or out of the same space. Using this principle, one can even teleport physical matter into another object that is occupying the target location.

Because subspace is an integral to normal space, the user can also travel through alternate timelines, dimensions or even realities by utilizing the extra dimensional space as an intermediate tunnel of sorts, or remain inside the upper plane to serve as a safe pocket dimension haven of sorts, even using it as a storage space. Powerful users can even tear apart subspace to cause damage or open portals in between two spaces linked by the subspace.



  • Teleport out of harm's way.
  • Teleport to incredible distances instantaneously.
  • Teleport past walls and obstacles.
  • Teleport objects to another location, creating instant mailing.
  • Teleport to other timelines or dimensions using subspace as an intermediate stop.


  • Teleport objects into a target, causing telefrag, punching holes or bisecting the opponent.
    • More advanced users can teleport even air or water molecules in the air when more physical ammunition is lacking.
  • Teleport an attack back at the opponent.
  • Teleport an opponent to the front to intercept an incoming attack, gaining a shield and causing the opponent's attempt to backfire at the same time.
  • Teleport a massive object above the target, letting it crash down to crush the opponent to death.
  • High-level users can teleport parts of an opponent away, such as removing a limb, internal organs, or even a head, instantly killing them.


  • Telefrag, which is entering the spatial location that is preoccupied by existing matter, can cause lethal backfiring. This is especially troublesome as speed of teleportation may be too fast to control.
  • Tearing through subspace rifts can cause instability in space.
  • May require a good amount of energy to perform.
  • Can teleport to the wrong location if not focused.
  • Dependent on the users, sometimes subspace may be turbulent and require stabilization before travel.
  • Only high-level users can travel through timelines or alternate realities.


Known Users

See Also: Subspace or Hyperspace.




Live Television

Video Games

Known Objects

  • Devil's Road (Final Fantasy IV)
  • Jaunt Device (The Jaunt)
  • Sub-Quantum Transporter (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Celestial Express (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Fairy Road (Urusei Yatsura)