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*Thor (''Marvel Comics'')
*Thor (''Marvel Comics'')
*Iron Fist (''Marvel Comics'')}}
*Iron Fist (''Marvel Comics'')}}
*Wonder Woman ("DC Comics")

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The ability to have better fighting skills than what is naturally possible. Advanced version of Enhanced Combat.

Also Called

  • Superhuman Combat
  • Supernatural Combat
  • Supernatural Fighting Skills


Users possess immense combat skills, both offensive and defensive, which may be innate, honed or both.

This encompasses speed, strength, precision, reflexes, technique, analysis, control, adaptation and all aspects of practical fighting. Depending on the users, they may be specialized on specific types of weaponry (melee, ranged, natural, etc.), and invariably wield them with surreal efficiency. Most observers are simply incapable to understand what's happening, only a user being able to gauge the skill of another.





  • Users aren't perfect nor invincible, though they often appear as such to lesser fighters.

Known Users

  • Wonder Woman ("DC Comics")


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