The power to have bodily fluids with supernatural properties. Sub-power of Supernatural Cells. Technique of Bodily Fluid Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Metaphysical/Mystical/Supernatural Bodily Fluids


The users bodily fluids have supernatural properties, increasing their physiology beyond the regular norm. User can share their bodily fluids with others, serving to vitalize, augment and influence a target's biophysical structure on a cellular and/or genetic level, possibly causing mutations and other effects that may be advantageous or disadvantageous. Ex: users with a specific supernatural fluid, like blood, that bestows increased physical capabilities can share this power via a blood transfusion with others.

As bodies have different fluids (blood, sweat, tears, spinal fluid, etc.) each may have a different effect, granting different supernatural powers, etc.





  • Bodily fluids may be deadly, cause damage to others and their surroundings, etc.
  • If users drained of essential fluids they could die of blood loss or Dehydration.
  • Users with Bodily Fluid Consumption may only empower them.
  • Transfusion effects are temporary.
  • Transfusion mutations/effects may be harmful/disadvantageous.
  • Transfusion may be addictive.

Known Users


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