"None of it mattered now because Susan was dead. She was rolled up in the red rug that used to be in the very kitchen where he now sat and stared at the face in the floor. When they first discovered it they were curious but unafraid, as it wasn't fully formed. It was more a suggestive thing at the time, the swirls and knots in the wood forming a vague form of an open mouthed female face. Depending on the angle it was viewed from, it was either laughing or screaming. Susan said she found it charming. He found it a little unsettling."
― Forgotten Fears by Michael Bray - Faces

The power to create phenomena that originates from paranormal entities. Sub-power of Supernatural Manipulation. Variation of Phenomenon Inducement.

Also Called

  • Supernatural Anomaly Inducement
  • Supernatural/Paranormal Occurrence Inducement
  • Paranormal Anomaly/Phenomenon


The user can create phenomena that originate from the supernatural. Those types of anomalies are caused in the presence of various supernatural entities like different kinds of spirits, demons, angels, curses, blessings, what have you.

The way that supernatural anomalies work, is causing happenings that happen to be surreal, like for example, blood or green slime oozing from the walls or ceiling, portals or rifts being created, something's existential state being manipulated, and the list goes on.




Known Users

  • Demons (The Amityville Horror series)

Known Locations

  • Boo/Ghost/Haunted Houses (Super Mario series)
  • The House (Layers of Fear)
  • The House (The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror)


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