"The soulful tunes of this accordion inspire you to new heights of thievery you never thought possible. Forget the Mona Lisa, you've got your eye on the Sistine Chapel ceiling."
― Kingdom of Loathing, description of Squeezebox of the Ages

The ability to possess the skills that allow one to rob, steal and loot more than just physical objects. Advanced version of Enhanced Thievery. Lesser version of Absolute Thievery.


Users of this skill are thieves so great they are capable of stealing more than just physical items. They have honed their thieving skills to such heights that they make master thieves look like average pickpockets. They are capable of stealing physical objects without any direct contact, can steal powers and physical attributes from others, various energies, and are capable of breaking into and out of nearly any location and more.





  • Powerful users of Theft Nullification.
  • May not be able to steal things that others are born with, such as powers that one is born with.
  • Stolen energies might be too much for the user too handle and could lead to disastrous results.

Known Users

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