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The power to create supernatural abilities without limit. Sub-power of Absolute Superpower Manipulation and Omnificence. Perfect version of Superpower Creation. Opposite to Absolute Superpower Destruction.

Also Called[]

  • Meta/Omni Power Creation
  • Almighty Ability Creation
  • Power of Powers
  • Power Precursor/Progenitor


Users can create whatever ability they want without any limitation and bestow it upon themselves, others and even objects.

They can notably create enhanced versions of already existing abilities, brand new ones or even normal abilities with any specific limitations, conditions or countermeasures they choose.

It essentially grants users an unlimited number of abilities without any side-effects. Users can even take a step further and thoroughly customize a power, like designing a power to only harm a certain thing or activate after a certain condition.

As this power is virtually limitless, any power that the user creates and bestows upon themselves, others and/or objects can be made to be temporary or permanent. No force in existence will ever be able to alter it or remove it from its vessel unless it was made to be removable or alterable.


Any Power/Ability on this wiki & any ability imaginable and beyond:


Known Users[]