The ability to possess powers that degrade or decay in effectiveness and capabilities over time. Combination of Power Negation, Superpower Manipulation, Absorption, and Devolution.

Also Called

  • Law of Hemalurgic Decay (Mistborn)
  • Power Decay
  • Power Regression


The users power decays in effectiveness over time, whether losing techniques or losing power behind those techniques. Either through further use of the ability or other mechanics behind the power set itself, the ability is, at best, not seeming to decay at any given moment, but the devolution does not reverse, only increasing or decreasing in speed.




  • May only be temporary for users other than the main user of the power.
  • Decay of the power may be impossible to fully stop or reverse, only slow down to varying degrees.
  • May need help of a certain energy or item to slow regression of the power.
  • Drawback may be erased and even reversed with Power Restoration, though this may be a temporary fix. If the power is intrinsically linked to its decay, however, this solution may not work at all.
  • May become either increasingly or decreasingly vulnerable to an associated Aversion caused by the power.
  • Condition Removal can potentially remove the decay of the ability, if at all possible within the world.

Known Users

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