June 2020

Reminder: "All lives won't matter until black lives matter."

  • June 2020's newsletter is stacked with information and several clarifications regarding various questions on the wiki, as well as a complete staff list so you know who to go to for certain things. Anyone who is not on the staff list is not staff.
  • Soft policy changes that will soon be consolidated into a better Manual of Style.
    • Debate fallback rules
    • What is published work?
  • New/upcoming features!
    • Namespaces are here! But the format isn't.
    • Creativity Organization
  • Move, not Remove (Userspace Introduction)

Staff Clarification.

It appears that the staff list hasn't been updated in quite a while. It is now. Make sure that if you need to talk to a staff member, you are talking to one of those people on the list. Although many non-staff are qualified to answer your questions, the staff team has quick access to one another through Discord and we will often make an effort to tackle more ambitious questions and requests at our earliest convenience. Also, in case you were not aware, the admin writing this newsletter is Zatalliya, and she is very...very tired... so goodnight after this.


Necrotifice is spearheading the page cleanup, so if you need to know why something has a CfD tag on it, he would be one person to ask for a quick response. The other person is me.

The other active administrators are CrystalStorm51 (contact him first, then me in the event of vandalism), Omuni, (contact them & me in the event of staff conflict), and Holokami.

Content Moderators

Our content moderator team consists of 

While administrators are easy to reach when it comes to overarching site issues and blocks, content moderators can help you with clarification and any content on the page.

Discussion Moderators

As of the time of writing, 13 Apostles is the only Discussion moderator. Make their job easier by being respectful during a discourse on the site space. 

We will be happy to accept new Discussion Moderators. Add Jess#1144 on Discord (that's me!) and we'll chat about it. --- Anyone not on this list is not staff. Anyone claiming to be staff, threatening to 'block you' or 'get you in trouble' is mini-modding and should be reported to a staff member. 

Policy Changes

  • Having defined policy is a guideline, NOT a feature of any type of strict authoritarian rule. Anything in this newsletter may be openly contested. There are no punishments for good faith.

Debate Fallback Rules

Users on this site know how heated discussions can get, and often there are unnecessary personal attacks throw into the mix. Because of this, a manual of style regarding debate etiquette will be rolled out sometime soon. Until that is instated, remember Rule 3. User interactions can only get so hostile before staff intervention is necessary.

  • When a discussion is getting heated, please step away for at least 6 to 17 hours and then resume.
  • Sometimes, it is okay to agree to disagree.
  • It is up to you whether you want to escalate a heated debate to staff (and if in a debate with staff, higher staff)
  • Understand that you are debating to come to a conclusion, not to win.

What counts as a valid work for this site?

A future manual of style section will include how to exactly define a published work, but the rundown is essentially this —

  • It's not a roleplay.
  • It is published and sold and is ORIGINAL work (not fanfiction)
  • It is not properly published but has a substantial following/its own wiki.
  • It's not on the exclusion list determined by staff (as of right now, Suggsverse is the only major thing on there).

A "fanon" work refers to anything that is a fanfiction, piggybacks off existing work. "Non-valid" work is hidden or otherwise is not easily-accessible media that cannot be quickly understood through Google searches or media purchases.

Feature Changes & Additions


We have voted for two new namespaces, and they're here! You might've seen pages with the prefix "Archetype:" or "Trait:" and those are namespaces in action! While they must be sorted by category still, we will slowly introduce altered formats in order to better handle these Archetypes & Traits pages. Until then, just sit tight!

Keep in mind that nothing is still set in stone and are subject to change. If you have any concerns that absolutely need to be voiced about namespaces, please don't hesitate to contact me through either my talk page or Discord. I will likely forward your comment to the rest of the administration (unless you request that I don't) and will try my best to answer your questions.

Character Sheets

Character sheets are still a thing! The only difference is that you should put them in their own category — Character Sheet. There will be additions coming regarding publishing OCs on the site so that they aren't all over the place. 

This feature is ABSOLUTELY in need of feedback! Roleplayers, worldbuilders, etc., tell me what YOU want.

Move, Not Remove

With serious wiki cleanup activities going on, we are attempting to push for a "Move not Remove" type of cleanup. Instead of deleting things, and instead of letting pages that aren't up to standard exist on the mainspace, we are moving them to either Blogs or Sandbox (depending on the page creators' wish). Pages here are stripped of all their standard categories and added to the category known as Userspace Powers.

Powers in the Userspace do not have to adhere to site standards and only must not violate FANDOM's TOS and other site rules. Powers not originally on the main space can be created in blogs and sandboxes and added to the Userspace. 

It is entirely possible for pages to be moved between the Userspace and the Main space, depending on how the page is edited and what the authors/the wiki wishes to do with it.

Future of Newsletters

July is coming out in the beginning of the month rather than the end. This will fix the schedule for good.

Leave feedback here!!

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