The trait for powers that (short description of the trait). This page is not a power, but instead a trait that could be applied to powers. Variation on (trait). Opposite to (trait). Not to be confused with (trait).

Also Called

  • Alternate names/terms for the trait


More involved description of the trait. You should describe in more depth what this trait actually does. This is what defines the Trait, and should be seen as the authoritative text defining it on the wiki. All other sections should logically flow from the Effects.

If it says "Not to be confused with" in the synopsis at the top of the page, you need to explain the difference between the two pages in this section.

Associated Powers

  • Here you should link to powers that this trait commonly affects.
    • You also need to give an example of a Known User with a power with this trait. If there's a good link to this character on another wiki or other legally accessible resource online, feel free to link to it here.
    • If multiple Users are listed on one power, make sure they are alphabetized by series.
  • (Power)
    • Character (Series); name of power (if applicable)
  • (Power)
    • Character (Series A)
    • Character (Series B)
  • (Power)
    • Character (Series)
    • (Subpower)
      • Character (Series)


  • Some traits have variant forms.
    • For example, the Affinity trait has a huge number of variations.


Name (series)

  • When you know them, use real name/hero-villain name.
  • Remember to check that given user is in the Associated Powers. Do not include pics of subjects not in the Associated Powers.
  • If you change the main picture, old one goes here.
  • To repeat: no links here.
  • Keep description short and focused to the trait that page is about. No personal history or details that don't really have anything to do with the trait you're adding the pic on.
    • Text takes more space than pic = axed text. Ridiculously more = axed to name/series.
  • Don't add multiple pics of the same User.


  • If there are no users for a trait in the main power, do not include it.
    • For example, if there are examples of characters with a given trait in Fire Attacks and Fire Negation but NOT in Fire Manipulation, just include Fire Attacks and Fire Negation on their own top-level bullets.
      • Known Users always go before other sub-powers
  • Use alphabetical order for Associated Powers, Also Called, Effects, Variations.
    • Alphabetical order by series for Associated Powers
  • Use them/they/etc. instead of he/she/etc., and in singular.
  • Main pics maximum size is 400px.
  • See Color Chart for easy options for colorband in infobox
    • You can also use hexadecimal color codes.
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