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Superpowers are superhuman and supernatural abilities employed and explored in many works of fiction.


Superpowers are defined as powers and abilities that are beyond humans and nature, entailing capabilities that are fantastical, paranormal, and extraordinary. Superpowers are extremely diverse and all-encompassing, from the mundane to the almighty, there is no limit for what superpowers are.

Stock Superpowers Index

In pop culture and mainstream media, superpowers usually don't stray too far from what is called 'stock superpowers', essentially superpowers that are extremely prevalent in any supernatural setting. These include, but are not limited to, flight, inhuman physical strength, mind reading and control, telekinesis, manipulating natural elements, transforming into animals or beasts, and basically any form of energy-based attacks.

As mentioned above, there is no real limit to what superpowers are and can do. They have limitless applications which are fundamentally based on aspects of humanity and existence, from individualistic attributes such as advanced skills, extraordinary senses, and enhanced intelligence, to humanity's creations, the natural world and beyond. Such superpowers can range from controlling buildings, to mastering the art of business making, to altering fiction and reality as one pleases. Superpowers are not solely based on abilities, any can include supernatural physical qualities and appearances, such as Tiger Physiology and Metal Mimicry.

Some are more concrete and natural (i.e. Urban Manipulation, Wood Manipulation), some are more intrinsic and conceptual (i.e. Axiom Manipulation, Dimensional Manipulation). Some are more action-based (i.e. Attack Powers, Bullet Hell), some are more 'slice of life'-like (i.e. Charm Mode, Musical Mastery). Some are related to real life creatures (i.e. Dermal Armor, Claw Retraction), some are totally eldritch and alien (i.e. Organic Abomination, Alien Mind). Some are more scientific (i.e. Nano-Active Blood, Scalar Wave Manipulation), some are more fantastical (i.e. Will-O'-The-Wisp Physiology, Sands of Time Manipulation). Some are centered on a single object or theme (i.e. Door Manipulation, Martial Arts Manipulation), some are all-encompassing (i.e. Omni-Manipulation, Alpha Reality).

Other than superpowers, superhuman feats may also be achieved through advanced science and technology, phlebotinum (materials with supernatural properties), magic and spells, biological mutations, anomalous nature, supernatural entities, and many many more. Moreover, superpowers might not only be possessed by humans in a certain setting, and can be held by animals, robots, relics, clothing, weapons, etc.

The concept and theme of superpowers are present in pretty much any form of media, having been popularized to the point of spawning superpower-based tropes, stereotypes, and archetypes. The most common one is the 'superhero genre', where superheroes are superhumans that use their powers and abilities for the good of humanity while supervillains end up causing destruction. However, some superheroes don't need superpowers, and rather rely on fancy gadgets or advanced technology to perform superhuman feats. Superpowers are also present in the form of supernatural traits or divine powers in theologies, religious texts, folklore, and mythologies. Additionally, they can take the form of the mystical and esoteric, or purely anomalous and enigmatic.

All in all, superpowers are generally anything that is supernatural and superhuman, playing a wide variety of roles in storytelling, and encompass everything in existence, from the mundane and common, to the esoteric and almighty.

Abbreviated List

Superpowers can be generally divided into two over-arching groups: superpowers that have to do with oneself and superpowers that have to do with everything else.

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Self Superpowers

These are the superpowers that generally affect and are centered around oneself.

Physical Capabilities

Bodily Aspects

Mimicry & Transformations

Condition & State

Health & Welfare
Cognition & Psyche
Soul & Spirit
Personality & Behavior

Combat & Sports

Other Superpowers

Nature & Elements

Biomes & Environment

Universe & Cosmology

Objects & Technology


Arts & Media


Magic & The Supernatural/Paranormal

Concepts & Abstractions

Almighty & Ineffable

Note: These are not, strictly speaking, superpowers, but states of being.