The ability to manipulate superstitions. Variation of Mental Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Superstition Control
  • Superstition Alteration


The user of this super ability is able to manipulate superstitions. With this super power, the user can control irrational beliefs about certain kinds of things, sometimes related to supernatural things. For example, the user can manipulate how people will think about what might happen in a irrational way. With enough power, the user can make superstitions into reality.


  • Thought Manipulation
  • Make people believe that something might make something stronger if they are in contact with it.
  • Can make people believe that an event will bring doom.
  • Can (with enough power) make superstitions reality.
  • Probability Manipulation
  • Spiritual Force Manipulation
  • Omni-Magic
  • Supernatural Manipulation
  • Can alter superstitions about bad luck.
  • Can alter beliefs on what might happen when a particular thing comes in your path.
  • Can alter superstitions people have about supernatural related things.
  • Can alter superstition beliefs about death.
  • Can alter superstitions people have about any of the days or months or years.
  • Can alter superstitions people have about jewelry or mirrors


Known Users

  • Mr Radford (Eerie, Indiana)

Known Objects

  • Tibetan Spirit Sigil (Supernatural)


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