The power to create symbiotic entities. Variation of Life Creation.


The users can create a symbiotic entities; beings that can share a symbiotic relationship, connections and a bond that strengthens their chosen holders and allies, bestowing the host new abilities, while the symbiotic entity thrives within the host.





  • Symbiotic entities need a living host to bond with.
  • Symbiotes that are self-aware may have their own goals, motivations and plans.

Known Users

  • Galvanic Mechamorphs (Ben 10 Series)
  • Black Dog (Demon Slayer)
  • The Reach (DC Comics)
  • Knull (Marvel Comics)
  • Klyntar (Marvel Comics)
  • SCP-1000 - Bigfoot (SCP Foundation)
  • Doctor Octopus (Ultimate Spider-Man)

Known Objects

  • Khaji Da (DC Comics)
  • Venom Symbiote (Marvel Comics)
  • Carnage Symbiote (Marvel Comics)
  • Poisons (Marvel Comics)
  • SCP-2273-2 (SCP Foundation)
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