If you combine this with Omnificence or meta ability creation or meta power manipulation or meta concept manipulation or almighty mind and supertasking. Allow me to give you long thorough detail

You can create infinite levels of omnikinesis Infinite electrical powers to the point of being nigh omnipotent Infinite levels of complete arsenal Create new almighty abilities Create the Great force which is power itself and beyond infinity beyond Create infinite INFINITIES of kardashev scale Create infinite of infinites of levels beyond omnipotence Create different versions of omnikinesis Go beyond imagination itself Go beyond sora or suggsverese. Supernatural bodily aspects.

Take black lightning from example the character the user of this power can him almighty electricity abilities that can grant him nigh omnipotent or sub-omnipontence.

Create infinite INFINITIES of levels of almighty mind or go beyond it to ENTIRELY something different

Or create an entirely new concept beyond power or power itelf or totality etc...

Almighty magic Etc...

And this a puny human coming up with this

Create things beyond absolute intelligence or mind

Can create concepts that would make omnipotence look old

Think like this there are things in the totality that would True omnipotence and infinite beyond look like dog shit. And yet absolute creativity can go beyond

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