Omni Energy manipulation is king of all powers and abilities on this website and all general because energy encompasses everything and anything no limits and also energy has no creator and energy cannot be created or destroyed by any being.

Not even God himself can completely destroy energy because his divine attributes are composed of it like omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience are composed of omnipotent energy.

So omni-energy manipulation has infinite/unlimited/limitless applications Powers like omnikinesis are under its whim and control.

Think about Jennifer from Black Lightning from Cw show or Storm from x men those beings are two low level energy manipulators and their some of the powerful beings in the respective universes but just imagine if they omni-energy manipulators they would literally be female versions of GOD ALMIGHTY.

All powers created on this website and infinity and beyond and so on are made because of energy

Powers like omnikinesis, omnipotence or even metapotence are made because of energy so a high level user can curbstomp it and shut it down or just delete, reshape it.

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